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Health & Natural Sciences

Work at something you care about. Help people heal and grow. Bring natural systems back into balance. Discover new therapies and processes.

Bring your values to life in a career that solves real problems and creates positive change.

Careers in health care and the natural sciences are demanding and rewarding. They also promise plenty of job opportunities. Advances in medicine, aging populations, wellness trends and other factors mean a strong market for health and science professionals.


Health Care Growth: Strong demand for health professionals over the next decade


Science Growth: Consistent demand for workers in other science-related fields

Focus on Discovery, Prevention & Treatment

Studying health care and the natural sciences prepares you for a variety of careers, including:

  • Biomedical researcher discovering new therapies
  • Counselor confronting drug or alcohol abuse
  • Emergency medical technician providing frontline care
  • Nurse caring for patients
  • Personal trainer helping clients reach health goals
  • Public health educator keeping communities safer

Health care and the natural sciences attract people who want to:

  • Discover and apply new knowledge
  • Help people manage challenges or crises
  • Provide hands-on assistance and care
  • Teach people about managing their health
  • Understand how the human body works
  • Work in teams under fast-paced conditions

DCC’s programs can prepare you to work directly with patients and clients, take on behind-the-scenes roles or continue your education.


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