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Exercise Science & Wellness, A.S.

Build Transfer Credits in Health, Fitness & More

Prepare for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in physical education, athletic training, exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, nutrition, and other fields. At DCC, you’ll complete core liberal arts credits and build a foundation in exercise science.  


Credits in core courses and electives you choose


Years of full-time study for most students (earning college credits in high school can save time)


Preparation for a variety of 4-year colleges and universities

What You'll Study as an Exercise Science & Wellness Student

DCC’s exercise science and wellness graduates usually transfer to bachelor’s degree programs. They go on to careers as teachers, trainers and coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, and more.

We also prepare students to take certifying exams for fitness instructors or personal trainers. That means you’ll graduate ready for jobs in fitness centers or other settings.

Our curriculum starts with core courses in the sciences and humanities. From there, you’ll add wellness, exercise, nutrition, and other courses, including electives tailored to your interests.


Sample Courses

WFE 101: Wellness and Fitness Education
How fitness, diet, and stress management reduce health risks and boost quality of life

BIO 231: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Body structures and functions at the cellular, tissue, organ, and system levels

ESW 202: Exercise Prescription
Designing and implementing exercise plans that match age, health, and goal differences


Where Do Exercise Science and Wellness Grads Go?


fitness center
fitness training

Foundation in Health & Fitness

As an exercise science and wellness student, you’ll learn about the human body and factors that influence our health. If you aim to transfer, you’ll create a personalized plan that prepares you for the bachelor’s degree of your choice.

Along the way, you'll learn:

  • Concepts, terms, and trends in exercise science
  • How to assess health and fitness levels
  • Safe exercises and safe use of exercise equipment
  • Personalized exercise planning 
  • Teaching and motivation techniques
  • Ethical and legal practices

Stackable Health & Fitness Microcredentials

Not ready to enroll in a two-year program? Consider DCC’s health and fitness microcredentials, short-term programs you can complete one by one and later apply to an ESW degree.

Our personal trainer, sports nutrition, and strength training options teach skills you can put to work right away. Some prepare you to take national certifying exams.

Each requires three courses for a total of nine credits and can usually be finished in a semester.

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