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Mental Health Assistant, A.A.S.

Treat Minds, Change Lives

The demand for mental health services has exploded in recent years. With a Human Services degree in Mental Health Assistance from DCC, your compassion could change or even save someone's life.




practicum credits for real-world experience


to work or continue to a four-year institution

What You'll Study in Our Human Services Mental Health Assistant Program

Our Mental Health Assistant curriculum gives you a broad knowledge of the delivery of human services, from outreach and advocacy to organizing. Beyond coursework, you'll foster your professional and personal growth through practicum placements in community agencies.

Transfer to a four-year program in psychology, social work or sociology, or get right to work in a variety of general human services roles where your knowledge and skills can help solve society's biggest problems.

Sample Courses

PSY 102: Interviewing & Counseling Skills
Learn counseling and crisis intervention skills emphasizing client growth and interpersonal effectiveness

PSY 207: Creative Arts Therapy
An overview of creative arts as they are utilized in client assessment and treatment

BHS 245: Issues & Ethics in Human Services
Address specific ethical issues confronted by human services professionals


Where Do Mental Health Assistant Grads Go?

Contact Us

Office of Admissions

101 Orcutt Student Services Center
Mon. - Thurs., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: (845) 431-8010

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