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Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Policy

Dutchess Community College is committed to inclusion and equity and to ensuring that electronic and information technology accessibility is provided for all students, faculty and staff with disabilities that may impact the ways in which they access and successfully use electronic information.

In order to ensure that there is appropriate campus commitment to support equal and integrated access to all of its programs, services, and activities, particularly for individuals with disabilities, especially in the realm of electronic and information technologies, EIT accessibility must be recognized as the responsibility of all administrators, faculty and staff.

To that end, the College shall develop, purchase, host, and/or acquire, to the extent feasible, web pages, websites, hardware and software products and services that are accessible to persons with disabilities.

The EIT Accessibility Officer shall be responsible for issuing, updating and enforcing any requirements, standards, or guidelines that support the SUNY policy of EIT Accessibility.

Administration shall ensure that an Accessibility Plan to promote ongoing, inclusive access for individuals with disabilities is developed and maintained.





Attachment to Board of Trustees Resolution #2021-42, dated May 25, 2021