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Adolescent Education - Biology, A.S.

Bring Life to the Classroom at DCC

Put your heart into the study of life. Become a biology teacher and inspire the next generation of scientists, starting with an adolescent education degree from DCC.




degrees: Apply your AS to a BS from SUNY New Paltz


years to full teaching certification

What You'll Study in the Adolescent Education 7-12 Biology Concentration

At DCC, you'll become a more well-rounded biologist and a great biology teacher at the same time.

You'll indulge your natural interests with a robust science curriculum including genetics, chemistry and a range of electives from ecology to human anatomy. Meanwhile, you'll build your foundation in the study and practice of teaching teens through your education coursework.

Life is complicated, but your path to the classroom doesn’t have to be: DCC’s joint registration with SUNY New Paltz simplifies your journey from an A.S. to a B.S. and finally to New York State teaching certification..


Sample Courses

PSY 204: Adolescent Psychology
A study of the developmental tasks facing adolescents in contemporary American society

BIO 105: General Biology 
Interdisciplinary study of basic biological concepts, including the nature of science, matter, and the cell

BIO 205: Genetics
An introduction to the biochemical, physiological and evolutionary aspects of inheritance


Where Do Education Grads Go?

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