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Education & Social Sciences

Humans grow as individuals and evolve as communities and societies. We know a lot about how this happens. You can study and practice to guide humans as we learn and grow. On the other hand, some of this remains a mystery. You can join the thinkers and scholars expanding our knowledge of human dynamics.

Careers in education and social sciences focus on teaching or on understanding and addressing social problems. Prepare to teach at the pre-K, elementary or secondary levels, or pursue a career in human services

Demand for education and social service professionals meets or exceeds the average for all professions. Salaries tend to be just above the all-professions average of $45,760. But for many people, education and service are a calling, not just a career.


Education, Training & Library Growth: About as fast as all professions


Community & Social Service Growth: Faster than the all-professions average

Focus on Teaching & Helping

Studying education and social sciences prepares you for a variety of careers, including:

  • Child-care professional for a daycare program
  • Counselor or therapist in private practice
  • Elementary teacher working with young kids
  • High school teacher in English, math, science or social studies
  • Librarian managing collections and services
  • Social worker with a government agency or nonprofit

Education and social science fields attract people who want to:

  • Advance social justice
  • Change lives through teaching
  • Explore communities, cultures and social problems
  • Help others with personal or academic challenges
  • Understand how we think, feel and learn
  • Work with young people

DCC’s programs can prepare you to find a job right away or go on to pursue additional education.


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