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Humanities & Social Sciences, A.A.

Build a Foundation for Transfer to a 4-Year School

Our affordable transfer program is a stepping stone to a bachelor's degree. It's perfect preparation for studying fields like literature and languages, political science, psychology, sociology, music and more.


Credits in core courses and electives you choose


Years of full-time study for most students (earning college credits in high school can save time) 


Preparation for a variety of 4-year colleges and universities

What You'll Study as a Humanities & Social Sciences Student

Our humanities and social sciences grads typically transfer and complete bachelor's degrees. They go on to careers in many fields — teaching or social work, law and government, writing and editing, and many more.

DCC's curriculum is designed for flexibility. You’ll start out with core liberal arts courses. From there, you'll choose additional courses in English, humanities, and social sciences. You'll also take electives that match your interests. Your options are virtually endless.


Sample Courses

BHS 103: Social Problems in Today’s World
How values, ethics, and diverse perspectives shape and solve problems

PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology
Major aspects of human behavior — learning, cognition, perception, and more

COM 140: Media and Mass Communication
History and cultural impact of media technologies, business, and content


Skills for Success

As a humanities and social sciences student, you’ll develop the broad-based skills employers seek. You’ll be prepared for jobs that require clear communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

You'll graduate ready to:

  • Evaluate and propose solutions
  • Write clearly and persuasively
  • Use technology
  • Interpret numerical and graphical info
  • Apply the scientific method — hypothesis, test, conclusion
  • Present information to an audience

Honors Opportunities

Seeking a special challenge? You may be able to choose honors-level courses that fulfill part of your degree requirements. Talk to your advisor or the registrar's office to see if you qualify.

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