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Networking for the Cloud

Put Your Career on Cloud Nine

The cloud has revolutionized the way we do…everything. Join the industry keeping it in order — earn your microcredential in Networking for the Cloud at DCC, and your career prospects will be anything but foggy.



credits to complete the microcredential


this microcredential into a Networking Certificate or Computer Information Systems A.A.S. 


openings for network and computer systems administrators projected each year

What You'll Study in Our Networking for the Cloud Program

Whether you’re an IT veteran or you’re at the beginning of your professional journey, DCC’s Networking for the Cloud microcredential will help you stand out in this revolutionary, constantly evolving field.

In just one semester, you’ll complete four core courses that will bring you from entry-level to proficient in several facets of computer and network administration, from cloud computing to installing and managing a Windows server.

To expand your foundation and skill set even further, stack this microcredential into a Networking Certificate or an associate degree in Computer Information Systems.

Sample Courses

CIS 111: Computer Systems and Applications
Learn basic terminology and concepts of computer information systems

CIS 216: Windows Server
Design, install, optimize and maintain a Windows Server-based local area network

CIS 117: Data Communication Concepts
Transmission media, data integrity, security, network management and more are covered in this course

CIS 106: Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Learn to apply basic cloud computing concepts to infrastructures from a variety of major vendors


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