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Math & Computer Technology

Math may be the language of the cosmos; it is also the language of data, science, cryptography, business and games.

Build your mastery of formulas, codes and systems. Understand data trends and create logical structures that carry the world forward.

Careers in math and computers demand mastery of numbers, formulas and codes. Build databases and manage networks. Analyze and interpret data. Integrate complex systems and help your community connect and grow.

Demand for professionals in these fields is especially high. Salaries are also about double the average for all professions.


Math Growth: Especially strong demand for math-related jobs over the next decade


Computer/IT Growth: Continued strong demand for information technology professionals

Focus on Solving Puzzles that Matter

Studying math and computer technology prepares you for a variety of careers, including:

  • Digital designer merging technology and art
  • Software developer creating applications and other tools
  • Systems administrator providing solutions and support
  • Information security analyst protecting against cyber threats
  • Statistician or actuary using data to identify patterns or make predictions
  • Research scientist developing new uses for technology or math

Math and technology fields attract people who want to:

  • Develop practical solutions for complex problems
  • Learn new formulas, programming languages and methods
  • Pursue careers with especially strong market demand
  • Track details and troubleshoot issues
  • Use data to understand the world
  • Work independently or in teams, often on tight schedules

DCC’s programs can prepare you to find a job right away or go on to pursue additional education.


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