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Computer Networking

One Year to Start a Career in Computer Networking

Don’t have two years to get a degree in computer networking? Our certificate program will get you off to a good start. You’ll be proficient in the basic skills of managing a network, and you’ll be well positioned to seek employment in network support and administration. If you want to continue your education, the credits you’ve earned will put you on track toward an associate degree in Computer Information Systems.


job growth through 2030, faster than average of all occupations. (BLS)





What You'll Study in Our Computer Networking Certificate Program

Introductory courses will give you an appreciation of the complexity of the IT communication field and the internet. Then, with a variety of hands-on coursework, you’ll learn and demonstrate proficiency in LINUX, Windows, and how to design, manage, maintain and optimize a local area network.

Finally, you’ll take a capstone seminar that will help you develop career-building skills like interviewing, leadership, project management and communications. A Certificate is awarded upon completion of the requirements for this program.


Sample Courses

CIS 218: Routing and Switching Technology
Learn about routing and switching technologies in a CISCO based data communication environment.

CIS 126: Linux with Python
Get hands-on experience and understand the functions of a LINUX-based operating system

CIS 106: Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Fundamentals of cloud computing, including security, networking and management


Contact Us

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Phone: (845) 431-8010

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