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Math & Science Center FAQs

The Math & Science Center will offer drop-in remote tutoring using the Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms as well as in-person tutoring on all campuses. 

Please see the main Math & Science Center page for more information.

Every student who comes to a tutoring session on campus must follow the COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Please contact the director if you have any questions at (845) 431-8530  or email us at

The Math & Science Center is a place to drop in and get help from tutors in your math or science course when it's convenient for you. Drop in tutoring is available both in person and remotely via Zoom or Teams. You are also free to do your own work at one of our tables or computers, or to meet with a study group. Our computers have all of the required software for all DCC math, physics, chemistry, and computer science courses. We also have calculators and textbooks for use while in the center and a few calculators that you can borrow to take a test or quiz.

The Math & Science Center has locations at Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and HVR Airport campuses. The Poughkeepsie campus location is in Washington Center and has 3 levels: Level 1 in W126 for MAT 099 & 100-level math courses. Level 2 in W224 for math, science, and BIO 103/105/106, and Level 3 in W324 for biology.

Just come to one of the levels when the center is open, sign in (with your ID or name), find a place to sit, then put up a sign that indicates which subject you want help with.

We offer help on a drop-in basis.  We also have appointment based 1 on 1 tutoring in 100 level math courses and MAT 099.

Yes, help from the tutors, use of the computers, and use of the printer and scanner are all free.

No, just come when it’s convenient for you! The Math & Science Center is also a good place to do your homework or study, even if you don’t require the help of a tutor.

The tutors are DCC students who have been recommended by faculty as well as several professional tutors. 

What tutors do:

  • Help students begin homework and projects
  • Answer questions about how to approach problems
  • Encourage students to learn problem-solving techniques

What tutors don’t do:

  • Solve assigned problems
  • Check completed problems for errors
  • Sit with you as you complete an entire assignment
  • Act as personal tutors

Check our website for our current hours.

No, individual tutoring will devote the entire session to helping you only. Drop-in tutoring helps many students at a time as they need help working through an assignment. 

Click on the “Hours help is available by course” link to find hours for drop-in tutoring or the Appointments link if you would like an appointment for select math courses.

Yes, the printer may be used for printing assignments (such as papers, graphs, presentations, etc.). If you wish to print a PowerPoint faculty lecture, guidelines which are posted in the lab must be followed.

Yes, textbooks and graphing calculators may be borrowed for use in the lab. TI-84 calculators may be borrowed for tests once a semester.

Logging in allows us to keep track of how many people use the lab and for which courses. Your individual information is NOT used by the Math & Science Center. The data collected helps to determine many decisions like the hours of operation, grant reporting and scheduling. 

Contact Us

Math & Science Center

Washington Center for Science & Art

Phone: (845) 431-8538

53 Pendell Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601