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Procedures for Incoming Students

Guidelines and Procedures for Incoming Students Seeking Accommodations for the Placement Test.

  1. Students must provide documentation of their disability to the Office of Accommodative Services (OAS) indicating need for testing accommodations. Documentation requirements are dependent upon your disability. For detailed information regarding documentation guidelines, click here.
  2. Upon review and preliminary approval, a letter will be sent out to you authorizing placement accommodations, instructions on making an appointment with Academic Services for the placement test as well as a copy of the authorization form forwarded to Academic Services detailing the specific accommodations granted. If the student's documentation does not provide sufficient information to make a decision on placement accommodations, a letter will be sent out requesting additional information.
  3. After administration of the placement test and depending on placement results, the student will receive instructions from the College regarding registration.
  4. OAS will maintain communication with the student via mail regarding orientation and as well as registration/intake procedures as the semester approaches.

Registration/Intake Procedures

  1. Students who do not request accommodations for the placement test but would like accommodations in college are encouraged to self-identify, provide relevant documentation to the OAS, complete the Student Self Assessment Survey, and attend the OAS new student orientation. If orientation has passed, students are asked to call for an ‘intake’ appointment.
  2. Following orientation, students are asked to meet with a staff member for an ‘intake’ to review the Self Assessment Survey and along with the disability documentation; an individual accommodation plan is generated. In addition, procedures for accessing accommodations and services are reviewed.
  3. After intake, an initial ‘letter of accommodation’ is given to the student to present to their instructors disclosing their affiliation with this office, as well as the accommodations they are entitled to receive.
  4. For subsequent semesters, students will not need another "intake," however they will need to pick up a new ‘letter’ for that semester.

The Office of Accommodative Services strives to maintain policy and procedures that are non-discriminatory and assures the least burdensome pathway to accessing accommodations.

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*Please go to Testing Center Student Information section of myDCC Student Tab for additional directions.

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