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Student Guidelines

Providing Disability Information and Documentation

Guidelines for Students

Being able to clearly describe your condition, its impact and your needs is important. Practicing this skill will help you to work with your disability service provider to identify needed equipment and services, establish appropriate accommodations, and develop compensatory strategies. The following questions will help you prepare to describe your condition, its impacts and your needs. Review them with your transition team, counselor, parents, and others who can help you. Prior to "intake" all students will be asked to complete the 'Self Assessment Survey.' This tool guides the intake process and enables the student to actively engage with the Disability Service Provider in determining the most reasonable and appropriate accommodations while attending Dutchess Community College.

How Do You Describe Your Condition?

How do you describe your condition and how do you want it described to others? You may choose to keep information about your disability confidential. The disability services office will need to have enough information to evaluate the need for accommodations and services. Instructors need considerably less information and may be told as little as which accommodations are appropriate.

What Is the Impact of Your Condition?

It is helpful to think about how your condition has impacted you in various situations in the past, then to consider how it is likely to impact the typical activities you can expect to encounter at college. You may want to pay particular attention to the following contexts:

  1. Classes (lectures, laboratory, physical activity, web-based instruction)
  2. Assignments (reading, writing, calculating, keyboarding, library work, group work, internet based homework)
  3. Communication (speaking, listening, writing, using phones, using e mail)
  4. Evaluation (tests, papers, oral reports/group presentations/projects)
  5. Time Constraints (timed tests, college deadline, assignment due dates)
  6. Attendance (class, required activities out of class, residential requirements)
  7. Campus (mobility, orientation/navigation, transportation)
  8. Residence Halls (roommates, food issues, climate control)
  9. Co ‐ Curricular (clubs, organizations, events, athletics)

What Have You Tried In the Past?

What accommodations, auxiliary aids, adaptive equipment, modifications and services have been provided in the past? Which ones work well? Which ones did not?

What Do You Anticipate Needing at College?

Based on what you answered for all the previous questions, coupled with the increased demands of college level work, what accommodations and services would you be requesting at DCC?

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