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Degree Works

Find out more about Degree Works, a web-based tool to track degree progress, prepare for registration and plan for graduation.

What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is a web-based tool that will provide a clear and convenient method for students and advisors to track degree progress, prepare for registration and plan for graduation

How To View Your Degree Works Audit

  1. Sign in to your myDCC account
  2. Select the Student Tab and select Registration
  3. Select "Degree Works Evaluation"

Your Degree Works audit will only show your current degree program(s). If you are a dual major in the same type of degree program (ex: two A.S. degrees) your audits will be combined into one. If you a dual major in two different types of degree programs (ex: one A.A. degree and one A.A.S degree) your audits will be separate. You can view the separate audits by selecting a degree from the top drop down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Works is a new audit tool available to degree seeking students with a catalog term of Fall 2012 and forward. If you were admitted for an earlier term you can utilize the "What If" feature in Degree Works, however, this may not be an accurate representation of your current degree requirements. Please refer to your specific catalog year requirements to ensure you receive a correct audit. If you would like to change your catalog term to the current term please contact the Academic, Career and Transfer Center.

The "What If" function is a tool that can be utilized if you are considering changing your degree program.

To perform a What-If audit:

  1. Select the What-If tab on the left hand side of the audit

  2. Select the catalog year

  3. Select a program from the major you are considering from the drop down menu

  4. Process What-If

Courses that appear under the "Fallthrough" block are courses which a student has passed but are not applicable towards their current major

Courses that appear under the "Insufficient" block are courses are which a student did not successfully complete

Courses that appear under the "Not Counted" block are courses that are not counted towards the degree such as remedial courses

This block shows a student's progress through the SUNY General Education requirements. It isINFORMATIONAL ONLYand it is only used for AA and AS degrees. You will see course requirements which have already been met in the degree requirements above also listed as satisfying the Gen Ed requirements. This is a useful tool for students who are planning to transfer to another SUNY.

There are 3 different GPA Calculators that students can utilize, Graduation Calculator, Term Calculator and Advice Calculator. These calculators are unofficial estimations and informational only.

Graduation Calculator

The Graduation Calculator option on the GPA Calculator tab will show what average you will need in your remaining credits to graduate with your desired GPA. Credits remaining can be determined by subtracting credits applied from credits required. This information can be found on your degree audit (Worksheet Tab) in the first information block and is labeled as "Unmet conditions for this set of requirements."

Term Calculator

The Term Calculator option will show an estimate of your cumulative GPA. Degree Works will pull in your current earned credits and GPA and place your in-progress courses in the table where you can then enter the anticipated grade for each course. You will then see a revised cumulative GPA based on the estimates you provided.

*Please Note*

  • Remedial courses are not counted toward your GPA. If you are in a remedial course you must delete it from the table to receive an accurate calculation.
  • Courses repeated more than once only have one grade (the highest earned) calculated into a GPA. If you are currently repeating a course your term calculation will not be accurate. You will see your updated GPA at the end of the semester.

Advice Calculator

The Advice Calculator option will show various credit and grade scenarios in order for you to achieve your desired cumulative GPA.

You should speak to your Academic Coach if you have questions about any outstanding degree requirements.