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Humanities & General Studies

Studying the humanities will prepare you for some of the most difficult and complex work people undertake — understanding, persuading and leading other people.

There is not a single career path out of the humanities; there are hundreds. If the career involves working with or for people, studying the humanities is great preparation.

Flexibility & Intensive Skills

Students choose humanities or general studies for their flexibility and versatility. You also gain intensive practice and skill-building for communicating, problem-solving and acting with cultural competence. DCC’s programs often are the first step toward a four-year college or university degree.

Humanities and general studies graduates go on to a wide variety of careers. Explore additional pathways like Education & Social Sciences and Performing, Visual & Media Arts for related program options.

Focus on Persuasion & Problem Solving

Studying humanities and general studies teaches you to evaluate information, think and write clearly and create compelling arguments. It can help prepare you for virtually any job, including:

  • Campaign manager working to elect political candidates
  • College-level teacher in humanities, social sciences or other fields
  • Executive for a business or nonprofit
  • Market researcher assessing consumer preferences
  • Writer or editor in publishing or media

Humanities and general studies programs attract people who want to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Evaluate information and make decisions
  • Explore topics like literature, history and philosophy
  • Learn about diverse cultures
  • Understand how human societies function

DCC’s programs prepare you to pursue additional education or to land a job that uses broad-based knowledge and skills.


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