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Engineering, Aviation & Construction

First Lady Jill Biden was on hand for the grand opening of the new Mechatronics Lab!


Humans build. From the pyramids to space shuttles, we have learned how to build with precision and innovation. Each improvement rests on what we built before. Lives depend on your skill — and sometimes your ingenuity.

At DCC, we offer the quality facilities and training to prepare you for what's next. As a student, you'll have access to our brand new Mechatronics Lab in Fishkill and our cutting-edge Aviation Education Center at HVR Airport so you can graduate ready for a rewarding, well-paying career.         

Practical Achievements

Start your career in engineering, aviation or construction at DCC. These professions share a common passion for precision and practical accomplishment. They grow in keeping with the economy. Salaries tend to match or exceed the average for other professions.



Architecture & Engineering Salaries: Higher than the all-professions average of $45,760


Construction Salaries: Slightly higher than the all-professions average


Aviation Technician Salaries: Higher than the all-professions average

Focus on Structures & Machines

  • Studying engineering, aviation or construction prepares you for a variety of careers, including:
  • Aircraft pilot flying people and cargo
  • Architect designing new buildings
  • Contractor working with residential or commercial clients
  • Drafter or surveyor supporting building projects
  • Drone pilot capturing aerial imagery
  • Energy technician supporting power systems
  • Engineer working in a wide range of fields
  • Estimator or project manager developing budgets, plans and schedules

Each of these careers is a little different from the next. People who succeed in them share some common drives to:

  • Apply physics and math to real-world projects
  • See tangible results from their work
  • Understand how buildings and machines work
  • Work with their brains and their hands

Where you take that drive depends on the structure, system or machine that inspires you. Whether that is a jet or an HVAC, launch here.

Whether you choose a path that leads directly to a job or a path that leads to more education, you have a solid start at DCC.


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