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Early Childhood Caregiver

Caregivers are Educators at DCC

When it comes to childcare, there’s no such thing as being too good at your job. Bring your connection with kids to the next level with an Early Childhood Caregiver certificate from DCC.


credit hours depending on chosen elective


year until you're ready for your next step


transferable to associate degree in Early Childhood

What You'll Study in Our Early Childhood Caregiver Program

If you work with young children—or wish to do so—the Early Childhood Caregiver certificate brings your skills from natural to professional. Start your childcare career on the right foot with a credential in creating developmentally appropriate environments and learning experiences for young kids.

If you wish to continue your studies, all courses in the Early Childhood Caregiver certificate program are applicable to the Early Childhood associate degree program.


ECH 101: Introduction to Early Childhood
The concepts and foundations of early childhood from infancy through second grade.

ECH 107: Preparing to Teach Youn Children
Get ready to enter the classroom as a teacher of young children by translating theory into practice.

ECH 120: Infant and Toddler Curriculum
Explore infant/toddler activities designed to promote physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.



Where Do Early Childhood Caregiver Grads Go?

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