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Paralegal, A.A.S.

Be a Legal Eagle! Sharpen Your Paralegal Skills for Career or Transfer.

Build a foundation in law, business, research and communication to start your paralegal career or transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree. Demand for paralegals is strong—DCC grads go on to work for law firms, banks and corporations.


Credits in law, legal writing and research, business, and more


Years of full-time study for most students (earning college credits in high school can save time)


After graduation go to work right away or transfer to complete a bachelor's degree

What You'll Study in Our Paralegal Program

Paralegal students blend law and business courses with classes that build communication skills, research savvy, and general knowledge. This mix boosts your job prospects and offers credits you can apply toward a bachelor’s degree.

You'll learn how paralegals work with attorneys and directly with clients. You'll choose from courses in areas like family law, wills and estates, business law, and real estate. You’ll also discover how to research legal questions and write legal documents.


Sample Courses

PAL 151: Introduction to Law
Overview of the law, courts, and dispute-resolution options, with focus on administrative and constitutional law.

BUS 215: Business Law I
Intro to the legal environment in with businesses work — business-related torts, intellectual property, contracts, and more.

CRJ 265: Criminal Law and Procedure
Study of laws that define "street crime" and "white-collar crime," and how police and others enforce them.


Where Do Paralegal Grads Go?

What Paralegals Do

As a paralegal, you might work for a law firm, bank, corporation or government agency. You'll work with attorneys to manage legal matters. You might assist with legal research, documents, and service to clients.

What You'll Learn at DCC

DCC's Paralegal A.A.S. degree helps you develop the knowledge and skills you'll need to start work as a paralegal:

  • Roles of paralegals in our legal system 
  • Ethical issues you might encounter as a paralegal
  • Analyzing and resolving legal problems
  • Legal research that is accurate, efficient and effective 
  • Analytical writing and better written communications
  • Print and digital resources for legal research

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