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Business & Hospitality

Anyone can start a business; to keep one going takes more talent and more skill, usually in more areas. Strengthen your skills with people, numbers and patterns so you can be the more that keeps a business growing.

Working in business and hospitality, your focus is on one or more of the factors that drive profits — competitive strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, the customer experience and more.

Businesses need people with that focus, and the demand for your honed skills is at or above average. Salaries are also good, especially in management roles.


Management Salaries: Highest average of all major job groups


Business & Finance Salaries: Higher than the average of $45,760 for all professions

Focus on People, Numbers & Patterns

Studying business and hospitality prepares you for a variety of careers, including:

  • Accountant managing tax and financial records
  • Entrepreneur starting your own business
  • Executive making core business decisions
  • Event planner arranging conferences and meetings
  • Finance professional seeking or providing business funding
  • Hotel or restaurant manager focused on customer service
  • Marketer building demand for products or services
  • Paralegal researching and applying the law
  • Real estate agent helping clients buy and sell homes

Business and hospitality fields attract people who want to:

  • Bring business ideas to life
  • Identify markets for products and services
  • Manage costs to make a profit
  • Work in fields like travel or dining

DCC’s programs prepare you to find a job right away or go on to pursue additional education.


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