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Live Online Tutoring

Free online service ThinkingStorm connects you to professional tutors.

ThinkingStorm provides convenient and comprehensive online support for topics like math, science, statistics, business, software, and more. You're entitled to 5 hours of tutoring through ThinkingStorm per semester. It’s open every day for online tutoring, which includes on-demand, appointment-based, and asynchronous support, broken down into the following categories:

Live, On-Demand Tutoring

Math: Basic Math through Calculus
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Live, Appointment-Based Tutoring

3D Modeling and Animation
Adobe Software
Markup and Programming Languages
Microsoft Office
Nursing and Healthcare

Online tutoring is available through the DCC Blackboard site (myDCC). Simply log in and open a course. Click on the ThinkingStorm Online Tutoring link in your course menu to automatically log in to ThinkingStorm. This link is named by your instructor, so it may be different for each class.
You can also access ThinkingStorm on the My Courses tab, in the Tools box on the left if you don’t see it in your course.

On the ThinkingStorm homepage, get started by selecting one of the available options (Drop-In Tutoring, Schedule an Appointment, or Start Online Appointment)

First, click the Go Now or Start Now button. Select your Category and Subject from the drop-down menu, then click Get Help Now. Wait in queue for your tutor’s invitation, then click the Begin Lesson button to launch your session.

Click the Book Now button and select Schedule a Session. Select your Category, Subject, and Tutor from the drop-down menus, select your desired date and time, then click the Book button. Review your selected appointment and click Confirm to schedule the session.

If you have questions, comments, or other feedback, you can reach ThinkingStorm’s Support team in the following ways:

Live Chat: available 24/7 using the “Chat Online” icon on the ThinkingStorm homepage.
Toll-Free Phone: available at (877) 889-5996, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Monday-Friday.
Email Support: available 24/7 via