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Establish an Endowment


An endowment is a gift designed to last forever.

When you create an endowment, your gift is maintained in perpetuity and creates a lasting, meaningful difference. Your endowment will be designed to keep your principal gift intact while using its investment income to support the activities or programs that are important to you. So long as the criteria aren’t exclusionary, you can make certain your generosity is felt for decades or more.

Endowments also ensure a level of growth and stability for DCC and the community. They allow our leaders to plan and forecast better, which gives them the ability to make more informed decisions, invest in technologies, and develop new programs based on the needs and demands of budding and evolving industries.

To learn more, contact Diana Pollard, executive director, at (845) 431-8403 or

Let's Work Together

The DCC Foundation team is ready to help you reach your goals. We can help you determine the total assets needed, the criteria which your endowment and its awardees must meet, and the assets that make the most sense to comprise your endowed fund. We can also help you identify the areas of greatest need at DCC and assist in your planning. We can even find a way for you to begin your giving now, so that you and your family can enjoy the positive impact your gift will provide today, along with the many years to come. 

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