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State Financial Aid Eligibility

A discussion and details for students about how to maintain eligibility for state financial aid.

Maintaining Eligibility for State Financial Aid

When you attend community college full time, you’re eligible to receive six semesters of New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) aid. To maintain your eligibility, you must achieve the following academic standards by the end of each semester.


What You Need to Know About "Academic Progress"

  • “Completed credits” may be actual or equivalent credits, passed or failed.
  • “Actual credits accumulated” must be actual credits passed.
  • If you repeat a course in which you have already received a passing grade, that course will not count for TAP eligibility. (Please note that, while a grade of D may not allow you to move on to the next level of a course in many cases, it is considered a passing grade.)
  • Grades of W, I, and Audit are not considered course completion.
  • If you lose your eligibility for state financial aid, Student Financial Services will notify you by letter and email.
  • If you are able to document special circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a NYS Academic Progress Waiver.

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