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Preferred Name FAQs

DCC recognizes that some members of our College community wish to use a first name other than a legal first name to identify themselves. As long as the use of this different first name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation, the College will utilize the Preferred First Name for Blackboard, Starfish, Degree Works, your college email address and your student ID card.

Your legal first name will appear on all other College records and documents. A student’s legal name will remain unchanged in all other College related systems.

A preferred first name is one that you choose to be called that is different than your legal first name. This does not apply to nicknames.

  • Last name must remain the same as the full legal last name in the College record system 
  • The preferred name may be used in some College communications and informational materials, except where the use of the legal name is required by College business or legal need. This may include but is not limited to financial, medical, and law enforcement documents; transcripts; W-4 forms; 1-9 forms; 1098-T forms; payroll documents; Visa/immigration documents; employment applications and related documents; background check documents; insurance documents; and student conduct records
  • Preferred names are limited to alphabetical characters (a-z)

Development to accommodate use of a preferred name in College systems is ongoing. Not all College information systems, databases, and processes may be able to display a preferred name and many uses of an individual's name require display of the legal name; therefore, individuals who utilize a preferred name should always be prepared to reference their legal name and provide corresponding identification when necessary. A preferred name designation is not a legal name change.

A preferred name can be changed by emailing the form to Please note the request must come from your DCC email.

Preferred Name Change Form

No. Only you as the student can update your preferred name.

You may set your preferred name to whatever you would like. However, the College reserves the right to remove a preferred name if determined inappropriate.

No. Your preferred name can only be used and will only appear on Blackboard, Starfish, Degree Works, your College email address and your student ID card. All changes are manual and will not all change at the same time. Please allow 3-5 business days to see the changes reflected in all places. On all other College records and documents, your legal name will appear.

The College reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it is used inappropriately, including but not limited the purpose of misrepresentation, to be disruptive, or to attempt to avoid a legal obligation. A hold will be placed on the students account if inappropriate entries are submitted.


Students who wish to change their legal name can obtain the Student Change of Information form in the Registrar’s Office. In order to change your legal name, you must show official proof of the new name. Acceptable documentation is: Driver’s License, Court Order, Marriage Certificate, Social Security Card, Divorce Decree, US Military ID or any other court papers for a legal change of name. 

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