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Performing Arts-Music Performance

Share Your Musical Gift With the World

There are music lovers, and then there are musicians. Bring your talent to the stage with a Music Performance Certificate from DCC.


credits to earn your certificate


credits per semester


semesters of study for most students


What You'll Study in Our Performing Arts-Music Performance Certificate Program

When you're ready to share your music with the masses, DCC puts you center stage. Our Music Performance certificate will bring you from talented musician to expert performer.

You'll become proficient in dictation and sight-reading, master an instrument or voice, and perform in ensembles. With coursework in theory and history, you'll emerge from the Music Performance Certificate as a well-rounded musician ready to share your art with the world.

You'll hone your skills in the Hudson Valley, a hub of musical creativity that generations of American songwriters have called home. We're also just a train ride away from the legendary venues of New York City. 


Sample Courses

MUS 201: History of Music Before 1750
Study the place of music in Western civilization from ancient Greece to the end of the Baroque era

MUS 113: Aural Skills I
Learn how to sing a melody from written music (sightsing) and write down music by ear (dictation)

MUS 115: Music Theory I
A study of intervals, triads, figured bass, Roman Numeral analysis, melodic analysis and more 


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