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Diversity at DCC

Dutchess Community College is committed to the values and goals of diversity, equity and inclusion and to providing a teaching and learning environment that is respectful of -- and welcoming to -- all.

Table full of LGBTQIA+ related books.
Ritz Library puts a spotlight on LGBTQIA+ History Month with a table full of great nonfiction and fiction that explores history, identity, community, culture, legal issues, and personal triumphs. These books will be on display through October, and anyone with a DCC ID can check them out. So...check them out!

The Diversity Council’s charge is to:

  1. Create access to meaningful information/ideas which will demand/hold our community accountable for inclusion and diversity in all the sectors of the community of DCC.
  2. Facilitate the institutionalization of diversity by incorporating diverse voices in all departments and governing bodies of the college.
  3. Demand engagement in the conversation and hold everyone accountable.

DCC encourages students to take advantage of courses and activities that foster an understanding of various cultures and the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. This page will serve as a resource to help support these efforts.


The DCC Foundation Announces the Diversity and Social Justice Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded annually to a student from an underrepresented population preferably studying in the STEM field, as was our former student, Maurice Gordon. The scholarship will be awarded by the DCC Diversity Council as part of the College's spring scholarship application process.

Visit the link below for more information about Maurice Gordon, the scholarship, and how you can donate.