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FERPA and Sharing of Information

Parents often have questions that colleges are legally unable to answer due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), a federal law that governs the sharing of information for students over the age of 18.

No matter who pays the tuition bill, we cannot provide information about grades, progress, health issues, accomplishments or problems without a release of information signed by your student and submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

While a release of information form may be helpful in some cases, we strongly encourage parents to keep the lines of communication open with their student.

Directory Information

Personally identifiable information generally is not released publicly without the student’s written authorization, unless it is directory information. Directory information may consist of name, city or town, dates of attendance, date of graduation, degree and enrollment status. If a student does not wish directory information to be released, he or she must submit a FERPA Waiver form which is available in the Registration, Student Financial Services and Enrollment & Student Success offices, as well as at DCC @ Fishkill. Personally identifiable information is released to federal and state agencies with a legitimate right to know, in response to legal subpoena, for health and safety issues, and to the military in compliance with the Solomon Act.

For more information, see our FERPA FAQs.