English as a Second Language (ESL)

Improve your speaking, reading, writing and understanding of English

Beginner (101), Intermediate (102 & 103) and Advanced (104). Practice and improve your skills in a dynamic and communicative setting. 90 hours of classes for only $25.00. All students must purchase a textbook (teachers will provide textbook information in class).

Registration is now open (see below for class dates). All new students must take a placement test to determine their appropriate level (placement testing is free). To schedule a placement test, or for any questions, please contact Kimberly at (845) 790-3590 (kimberly.bacon@sunydutchess.edu) or Margie at (845) 431-8901.

You can register/test directly at the location where you want to study (on the first day of class) or pre-register/test at the following locations (pre-registration is strongly recommended):

Register in person at the following locations:

DCC at Family Partnership
29 North Hamilton Street
Poughkeepsie, NY.
Third Floor

DCC Main Campus
53 Pendell Road 
Poughkeepsie, NY 
Bowne Hall –Room 118

Dutchess South Campus
31 Marshall Road
(behind Hannaford supermarket)
Wappingers Falls, NY

Amenia Town Hall 4988 Route 22

Level TBA   (MW)   6-9pm   5/7-8/22
Level TBA   (TR)    6-9pm    5/8-8/21

Beacon Community Resource Center
23 West Center Street

Level TBA   (TR)   6-9pm   5/8-8/21


Pawling Free Library 11 Broad Street

Level TBA   (TF)   5/8-8/21
Tues.  9am-12pm / Fri.  11am-2pm


DCC@ the Partnership
29 North Hamilton Street, Third Floor

Level 101   (TR)   10am-1pm    5/8-8/21
Level 101   (TR)   6-9pm    5/8-8/21
Level 102   (MW)   10am-1pm   5/7-8/22
Level 102   (MW)   6-9pm    5/7-8/22
Level 103   (TR)   10am-1pm    5/8-8/21
Level 103   (TR)   6-9pm    5/8-8/21
Level 104   (MW)   6-9pm    5/7-8/22

Conversation and More!* 6/5-7/31
(TR)   6:30-8:30 pm

Dutchess Community College
53 Pendell Road - Hudson Hall, Room 510

Level 104 (TR) 10am-1pm   5/8-8/21


Dutchess South
Hollowbrook Office Park
31 Marshall Road, Building 4

Level 101   (MW)   10am-1pm    5/7-8/22
Level 101   (MW)   6-9pm    5/7-8/22
Level 102   (MW)   10am-1pm    5/7-8/22
Level 102   (TR)    6-9pm    5/8-8/21
Level 103   (MW)   10am-1pm    5/7-8/22
Level 103   (TR)   6-9pm    5/8-8/21
Level 104   (TR)   10am-1pm    5/8-8/21
Level 104   (MW)   6-9pm    5/7-8/22

*Conversation and More! Conversation and More is a conversation-based class that uses reading as a springboard for speaking practice, vocabulary-building and grammar refinement. Level is determined by placement test. Courses are 32 hours and cost $200 for each eight-week session. Please contact Kimberly at (845) 790-3590 if you are interested in signing up for this course.