POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. —  AUGUST 24, 2022 — Dutchess Community College is committed to always improving its teaching and learning community, and given that, DCC is proud to recognize the latest additions to its full-time faculty and announce recent promotions.

“Our faculty are vital catalysts to the academic careers of our students,” said DCC President Peter Grant Jordan, “and these appointments and promotions are a testament to the College’s continued commitment to ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education.”

With that in mind, DCC welcomes nine new full-time faculty to the College:

Carmel Dorner – Instructor, Nursing 
Matthew Greenstein – Instructor, Criminal Justice
Gurpinder Kanwal – Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Technician
Gary Ljungquist – Instructor, Communications and Media Arts
Tomasine Oliphant – Instructor, Human Services 
Kathleen Pecoraro – Instructor, Nursing 
Henry Mendoza Rivera – Instructor, Mathematics & Statistics
Abraham Tchako – Assistant Professor, Engineering Science
Alyssa Zinzi – Instructor, Human Services

In addition, DCC is pleased to announce that the following faculty members have been promoted in rank, effective September 1:

From Instructor to Assistant Professor
Jordan Bell, Department of English & Humanities
Maureen Gittelman, Department of Business, Aviation & Construction Professions
Willie Morris, Department of English & Humanities

From Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
Lindsey Guile, Department of Performing, Visual Arts & Communications
Carolyn Rounds, Department of Allied Health & Biological Sciences
Kim Rybacki, Department of Behavioral Sciences
Treesa Scaria, Department of Nursing

From Associate Professor to Full Professor
Carla DelTreste-Jutt, Department of Mathematics & Computer Sciences
Elizabeth Justin, Department of Allied Health & Biological Sciences
Craig Stokes, Department of English & Humanities

And lastly, congratulations to those faculty members who have been granted tenure:

Dinor Dhanabala, Department of Allied Health & Biological Sciences
Maureen Gittelman, Department of Business, Aviation, & Construction Professions
Shalon Hallager, Department of History, Government & Economics
Samantha Langton, Department of Physical Sciences, Engineering & Technology
Willie Morris, Department of English & Humanities
Lacie Reilly, Department of Behavioral Sciences
Jennifer Santosuosso, Department of Behavioral Sciences

Congratulations to the newest faculty members, and to DCC’s recently recognized educators. The DCC community is stronger for their contributions.