Mentors in Violence Prevention

Imagine you and your friends are at a party and you see a guy grabbing his girlfriend’s arm and yelling at her. She looks at you and is clearly scared. What would you do?

We are looking for students: leaders, athletes, club members, residential staff – anyone interested in specialized training in bystander intervention.

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, founded in 1993 at Northeastern University, motivates student leaders to play a central role in solving crucial problems including sexual assault, relationship violence and harassment. Utilizing a unique bystander approach to prevention, the highly interactive curriculum sparks discussions among the students that convey concrete options for both men and women to interrupt, confront and prevent violence by their friends, peers, or teammates. Program participants also develop leadership skills and learn to serve as role models to mentor and educate their peers as well as younger students on these issues. The approach does not involve finger-pointing or blame – instead it sounds a positive call for proactive, preventative behavior and leadership.

At the conclusion of the training, DCC MVP students will receive a certificate of completion and will be offered opportunities to provide training for other students and set a positive example in the community.

For further information, contact Counseling Services at (845) 431-8040.