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Welcome to Dutchess Community College! We recognize that whether this is your first – or last – child starting college, it’s an exciting time. We know you’re proud of your students' accomplishments and want to provide the right kind of support and guidance as a new chapter begins.

You’ve laid the groundwork that will help guide your emerging adult as they navigate their way to full maturity. You’ve invested time, energy and resources to help them succeed, and have provided love, support and encouragement to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

Now that it’s time for the next step, you should know that the faculty and staff at DCC feel privileged to play an important role in the academic, social and personal development of our students. And whether your child exceled or struggled in high school, we have the services and resources necessary to help him or her succeed. 

Starting college is at once an exhilarating and anxious time for the whole family. Young people are both eager for -- and apprehensive of -- their burgeoning independence. Parents feel the pride of their child’s accomplishments and the anxiety of letting go of what has been their primary responsibility for so long. Rest assured, even if it doesn’t seem so at times, you’re still your child’s most trusted advisor. They care more about what you think than they’re likely to let on. As they journey toward adulthood and independence, sometimes they’ll want your advice and sometimes they’ll just need you to listen.