News 12 Interviews DCC’s Aviation Science Chair on FAA Outage

John Trosie provides expert commentary on the importance of FAA NOTAM system 

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — JAN. 13, 2023 — Dutchess Community College’s John Trosie, chair and assistant professor of Aviation Science, was interviewed by Diane Caruso of News 12 on Jan. 11 for his thoughts on the FAA system outage affecting flights nationwide on Wednesday.

In the interview, which can be viewed here, Trosie explains the important role of the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) in keeping airways safe by identifying crucial information — such as closed runways, availability of navigational aids and airports along a given route in the case a pilot needs to divert their course. Trosie says, “It’s a lot of information that they share, and it’s good information and sometimes, it’s time critical information.” 

Without access to the NOTAMs that pilots are required by law to review before takeoff, many flights were delayed across the country on Wednesday. Trosie told the interviewer that he had never seen an outage like this happen in his decades working in the industry, and he and his fellow pilots believe that NOTAM may need to be upgraded and updated to ensure that it’s always running. 

DCC President Dr. Peter Grant Jordan tells us, “We’re extremely proud of our faculty who play many roles, such as teachers, mentors and advisors. What we don’t often celebrate is the tremendous role they play as subject matter experts regularly sought out by media outlets and policymakers to provide clarity around events like the FAA system outage on Wednesday.” 


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