New Queuing Tool Cuts Down on Long Lines and Improves Student Service

Sept. 9, 2021 -- Students stopping by Student Financial Services (SFS) can now skip the line and queue remotely with the launch of QLess, a new waiting line management system.  

Launched in late summer, QLess is a digital queuing system that allows students to remotely reserve a spot in line using their smartphone, computer or the SFS self-service kiosk. QLess then provides students with text updates that notify them of their position in the line and then again when it is their time to meet with an SFS professional. By joining a virtual line through QLess, students can wait anywhere on campus. 

“We know that long lines can be challenging to students and staff, especially during the busy periods at the beginning of a semester,” said Cheryl Verdile, bursar. “With almost everyone carrying a mobile device, a queue management system can provide the technology to better manage traffic, reduce wait times and increase the time DCC staff can spend providing services to students.” 

Student Financial Services began looking at line management systems back in 2018, hoping to find a solution to better management of the office’s busy in-person and phone-call volume. The pandemic helped push the project forward even faster. 

“As we looked to support the College’s healthy campus efforts, we knew we had to look at how to keep students socially distanced from each other and not group up in long lines,” said Robert Zasso, director of financial aid. “After demo-ing a couple of tools, we selected QLess because it was versatile and provided us with a series of analytical resources that will allow us to track peak traffic times and tailor our services accordingly. It’s been a real game-changer.” 

Since the system was implemented on Aug. 16. close to 700 students have accessed the tool, which has radically changed the traffic patterns outside the SFS office and allowed staff to focus on serving and processing students more effectively. In the coming months, Student Financial Services is looking to add even more elements to the tool’s capabilities, using it to set up follow-up calls with students and applying it to SFS’s operation at DCC @ Fishkill.  

DCC joins a number of colleges and universities of all sizes around the country who have selected QLess as a line management solution, including Texas A&M, Broward College and Northern Virginia Community College. For more on QLess, visit their website.