First Phase of DCC’s Reaccreditation Process Earns Flying Colors

Oct. 28, 2021--DCC’s reaccreditation process has passed its first hurdle with flying colors!

After launching the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) reaccreditation process in fall 2020, the College was tasked with developing a detailed self-study design for assessing how DCC’s priorities meet accreditation standards and federal regulation compliance.

Throughout fall 2020 and spring 2021, DCC’s reaccreditation steering committee tackled the task in earnest, ensuring that the College was well-prepared for the next step: to present the draft of its self-study design to MSCHE and host a visit by Dr. Terence Peavy, the MSCHE liaison assigned to reaccreditation process.

“We are pleased to report that the visit went extremely well,” said Self-study Co-chair Scott Schnackenberg. “Over three weeks in October, Dr. Peavy met virtually with various members of the campus community and after reviewing the draft, our self-design was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback and approved with only minor edits.”

In a note to President Peter Grant Jordan, Peavy applauded the DCC community for their hard work and continued efforts. “I read the final draft of the self-study design,” said Peavy. “And it is evident that it will serve as an effective roadmap and reference for the steering committee and working groups as they do their work for three institutional priorities found in the document. These priorities appear timely, original, and quite well aligned with Dutchess Community College’s mission and within the lines of inquiry that the steering community has chosen.”

With the approval of the self-design draft, the work of the eight working groups, comprised of more than 60 individuals from across campus, has kicked into high gear. The groups have been working on their initial reports, which were submitted to the steering committee for feedback and approval. In the coming weeks and months, the working groups will review the steering committee’s suggestions and incorporate the appropriate edits and guidance into the next iteration of their respective reports.

The groups will also develop the processes and procedures needed for gathering and cataloging the array of the required evidence to support how the College meets accreditation standards and federal compliance. The working groups will submit their next reports to the MSCHE steering committee by the end of the semester before applying that work toward a first draft of the final report chapters.

For a detailed timeline, see the self-study design document posted under the Middle States Self-Study tab in myDCC.

For questions about the self-study process, contact the MSCHE steering committee and working groups at

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