Eng 216 Topic 2

Eng 216
Keith O'Neill
Spring 2018

Paper Two (20% of final grade) 

For your second assignment, write a 4-5 page paper on one of the following topics. Your paper should follow the standard conventions of college writing, including an introduction with some kind of statement of thesis, body paragraphs with support, a conclusion, and a work(s) cited page. Ideally, your paper should focus on no more than one or two scenes from the text(s). Your paper should consist of a solid argument, NOT a simple rehashing of the plot. Remember also that grammar and editing problems are taken seriously, so revise and polish your work carefully. Please do not write on the story you discussed in paper one.

1) Offer a psychoanalytical reading of "Paul's Case." Your argument should show what reading a story through a psychological lens offers to us in terms of understanding its characters and its themes.

2) Read "Araby" as a post-colonial story. How does it expose and critique the way colonialism works?

3) Develop an argument about Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" from a Marxian or Freudian perspective. 

4) Compare and/or contrast any two stories we've read this semester in terms of character, structure, or theme.

5) Discuss one or two of the stories we have read this semester in terms of the construction of race. Be sure to include a definition of race toward the beginning of the essay so your reader understands your premises.

6) Using two of the stories that we have read this semester, compare and contrast the changes in roles, expectations, limitations and/or freedoms of women.

7) Choose one or two stories in which gender or sexuality plays and important role and argue in particular how that role functions.

8) Devise your own thesis. I require that you submit a working thesis to me before drafting the whole paper.

9) The Fiction Option.

This essay is DUE in class on April 17.