Faculty Council of Community Colleges -- Dutchess Community College

Current FCCC Delegate: Melanie Klein (mklein@sunydutchess.edu)

Current FCCC Alternate: Joan McFadden (mcfadden@sunydutchess.edu)

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FCCC Resolution in Support of Undocumented Students and Support Services

FCCC Resolution on Governance Involvement in New Initiatives

FCCC Resolution in Support of the UFS's Resolution on Verification of

Campus Governance Consultation on Academic Program Actions

FCCC Spring 2018 Powerpoint

SUNY System Administration Budget Office Update, April 2018

SUNY Board of Trustees Informational Document: Community College Operating Budgets, September 2017

Johanna Duncan Poitier's Powerpoint Presentation, FCCC Spring 2018 Plenary

Carlos Medina's Powerpoint Presentation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, FCCC Spring 2018 Plenary

FCCC Newsletter, Faculty Council Matters 6:2

FCCC Resolution in Support of Restoration of Child Care Funding

FCCC Resolution Supporting New Funding Model for the Community Colleges

FCCC Advocacy Letter Template, March 2018

SUNY / NYCCAP Advocacy Document

Talking Points on Community College Funding Model Redesign

SUNY Conference: Shall Make No Law

SUNY SURC Call for Presenters

SUNY Voices Surviving Middle States with Shared Governance -- Draft Agenda

Joint Statement on Civil Discourse and Campus Climate

Delegate's Report to the PSO on the Fall 2017 FCCC Plenary

Fall 2017 FCCC Plenary Resolutions / Documents / Presentations:

FCCC Guide to Faculty Purview Over Curricular Decisions

Best Practices for Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Best Practices for Student Veterans: Tips for Students and Colleges

Resolution on Charter School Regulations

Resolution in Support of Indigenous Peoples Day

Resolution in Support of Accommodation for Military Absences

Resolution on Academic Freedom Protection for Faculty Participation in Shared Governance

Faculty Council Matters Vol. 6, Issue 1

Interim Provost Grace Wong's presentation at the Fall 2017 FCCC Plenary

Guided Pathways Presentation, Fall 2017 FCCC Plenary

Bill Reuter's presentation at the Fall 2017 FCCC Plenary



2017 SUNY Diversity Conference: Call for Proposals

2017 Workshop Presentation Guidelines

FCCC Statement on Campus Inclusivity and Civil Discourse 

FCCC Resolution on Faculty Purview over Micro-credentials, Prior Learning Assessment and Competency-Based Education

FCCC Position Statement in Support of Student Governance at Community Colleges