Meeting with Tutor or Student Leader or Fellow Classmates

From 5 - 15 Success Strategies Points possible for each submission.

No more than 1 submission in a week.

No more than 6 submissions or 75 points from this option in a semester.


  • You may work with the tutors in the Math Lab, or in the Academic Services Office. 

  • You may also meet with another student, or a small group of other students who are taking the course.  

  • You may not submit for more than 1 meeting for any given week. Clearly this option is to encourage you to seek help as you need it throughout the entire semester, not just during the last week or two! To be productive, you should try to establish a reasonable pattern of seeking help and input throughout the semester.  

  • The last opportunity to use this option is the last class day in November for Fall semester, or in April for Spring semester.
  • Clearly credit is for carrying on some significant mathematical interaction. Chatting for 1/2 an hour about your weekend plans is not worthy of the points, though it may be fun.

  • You must document your visit in writing, and submit your write up with your Success Strategies Grade Sheet.  Your write up MUST include:

    • Your name

    • Date of meeting

    • Who you met with

    • How long you met and worked on material

    • What you worked on

    • What areas you resolved, or how effective the session was.

    • Whether you would work with this person/group again and why or why not

  • Points will be allotted for how much work was clearly accomplished at your session.

  • Your write-up must be submitted to me for credit within a week of the visit.

  • A brief interaction would be 5 points, moderate interaction would be 10 points, and an extensive interaction would be 15 points. 

Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.