Test Preparation

( 10 - 20 Success Strategies Points Possible for each submission)
Maximum of 60 points from this option for the semester

When:    To be turned in on the day of an in class Test.  Make sure you also submit your Success Strategies Grade Sheet.   


You should have clear, documented preparation for each Test.

You MUST include evidence that you carefully thought about what type of material would be reflected on the Test/ Major Quiz. 

  • You MUST include a list of major concepts covered.

  • You MUST choose and show work for some sample problems that you think reflect the core material well.  You should use the exercises from your book that are similar to those in your Essential Practice assignments.  Clearly indicate the section, page and problem number for the exercises you choose to complete as part of your review and study. 

  • There must be a clear connection with the review work you do and the list of concepts you include.

  • For maximum points, you should also include a clear study plan, and a brief analysis of how well you followed it.


Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey