Reflective Writing & Exploring Your Personal Learning Style

15 Points Possible for Each Submission
Maximum of 4 submissions for the semester
No submissions accepted after the last week day of April or November


Research shows that the most effective learners are those who:

  • Think about the process of learning itself, and
  • Work to analyze, adapt and modify their approach as necessary.

Reflective writings give you the opportunity to articulate thoughts and ideas on where you are at in your learning journey.  They also give you the opportunity to explore various web sites that may inspire new ways of thinking or approaching your learning.  

By reflecting on your own learning or taking the time to read and think about other approaches and ideas, and taking the time to reflect on your experiences, you can more effectively hone in on what truly works best for you, incorporate new approaches, or even find the courage to take the risks that change often entails.

Think of the reflective writings as your opportunity to

  • share ideas,
  • discuss experiences, and
  • communicate openly with me in a "safe environment".

I will always respond to your writings, and will often share my own view points and thoughts on different ideas. By creating this open avenue of communication, we both benefit during our time together.



  • You can submit reflective writings throughout the semester. 
  • No more than one reflective piece should be submitted in any given week.

  • The final entry must be made by the end of November for Fall Semester and the end of April for Spring semester.


  • All material must be submitted with your Success Strategies Grade Sheet.
  • Entries must be typed.  They must be at least one side of a page in length for full credit.
  • Each entry must be dated, and have your name and course on it.
  • Each entry must show evidence of thoughtful reflection, and/or share something significant.  Pieces that are short, or which do not display adequate depth of thought will not receive the full points possible.

Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.