Practice Exercises

 Maximum of 30 points for a submission.
Maximum of 3 submissions for the semester.

This option has a VERY SPECIFIC time when it is due.  I ONLY accept this work at the beginning of an in class test.  I DO NOT take them at any other time.  

    • Your Essential Practice Exercises will be assigned in the web based program for the course with very specific due dates.

    • You can receive success strategy points equivalent to the following computation:
      • (points received/ points possible for all sections covered in that unit) * 30

      • This is a percentage of the 30 points maximum for this option which reflects how successful you were with the Essential Practice. 

      • Keep in mind that in order to be an active participant in class, and to have the opportunity to ask questions and seek additional help, you need to be keeping up with the Essential Practice.  This option does not allow you to receive credit for cramming in work right before a test.

    • You must submit a written summary following the guidelines I give in class, along with your Success Strategies Grade Sheet at the beginning of class on the test day.  I will not accept this work at any other time, unless I specify a particular date.   

    • I do not accept this material retroactively. If you do not submit exercises for Unit 1, you may still submit exercises for Unit 2 at the Unit 2 test, but will have lost the opportunity to submit the Unit 1 exercises.

Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017- This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.