Compilation of Meaningful Notes

Up to 15 Success Strategies points possible per submission

Maximum of 3 submissions for the semester



  • To be shown to me on the day of the in class test based on material covered in notes, or on date I indicate.  
    • If you keep your notes in a notebook, submit your notebook to me with the appropriate pages clearly marked.
    • If you keep your notes on loose leaf, submit a package of appropriate pages to me, which contain only the notes for that particular material.


  • DATED NOTES:  You should have dated notes from class and/or notes that you have taken from the book for each section that we cover

    You must be able to show evidence of regular use of your notes by demonstrating more than one of the following:

    • refinement of notes taken in class.  This can be done by filling in detail that you were not able to include during class, explanations in your own words, key things that you have to remember, reminders of what to watch out for in particular problems, details on some of the examples from the book, and/or key definitions from the book. This material must be clearly identified.

    • highlighting of important ideas.  You may find it helpful to highlight ideas that you know you will have to come back to, or areas that are critical pieces  in understanding the material presented.  You may also want to create some type of system where you clearly indicate ideas that I indicate will most probably be on a test.

    • indications of areas of concern or confusion.  As you read over your notes, you may find that there are some areas where you need more detail or information.  You should develop some type of system of indicating your questions or concerns.  That way, you can seek out advise or extra help on these specific areas.  Once you feel you have a better handle on the material, you should make additional clarifying notes on your own, or attach the scratch paper that you worked on with a tutor, or teacher.  Again, either leaving a column alongside your notes, or writing on only one side of the paper leaves you room for this additional work.

  •  WRITTEN JUSTIFICATION FOR FULL POINTS:  You must write a brief justification of why you feel you deserve the full 15 points for this particular package.  In your justification, you must clearly state what kind of additional material you have incorporated into your notes.   It must be clear to me, as I glance through your notes, where this additional material is found, and it should be done consistently, not just once.   (If all you submit are your notes from class, with no justification piece, or if it is not clear that you have really thoughtfully used your notes in more than one of the ways indicated above, you will only receive 5 points for your submission.) 

Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey