Goal Tending

Maximum of 15 points per submission

Maximum of 45 points from this option for the semester


  • You can submit reflective pieces at most once every 4 weeks, with a maximum of 2 reflective pieces after your initial goal setting reflection.  
  • No material will be accepted after the last class day in November for the Fall semester, or the last class day in April for the Spring semester. 

In order to make the most of your education, you should consistently think about how you approach your work and set realistic learning goals for yourself.  You should read these goals regularly and analyze how things are going, making adjustments as necessary as the semester progresses. The following assignments afford you the opportunity to share your thinking, planning and analysis with me, and at the same time accumulate points towards your Success Strategies Grade. 

Before you begin setting your goals, you might find the following websites helpful.  Please feel free to explore these sites, as well as search for others.  If you do explore  websites, please do tell me in your submission what site you used, and whether or not it was useful. 

To receive the points,

  • Your submissions must clearly indicate that you have taken the task seriously, and

  • must show clear evidence of thoughtful reflection and/or planning. 

  • Submissions must be equivalent to at least one typed page with standard margins, 12 points font, single spacing between lines, double between paragraphs.

Initial Submission - Goal Setting ( 15 points possible) - No later than midterm time

  • In a typed document, list several reasonable, well thought out goals for yourself related to your education and/or this course in particular. Then write a thoughtful reflection on why you chose these goals and how you plan to achieve them.  Again, if you used a website or other resource to help you get on track with goal setting, please let me know.
  • Submit this material with your Success Strategies Sheet.   

Goal Keeping (15 points possible for each submission)

In order to achieve your goals, you must be attentive to them on a regular basis, and consistently work towards them. To help with this process, you can submit reports on how things are going, how you might modify your original goals, how you might try to change your behavior in well thought out steps, how you might break down your overall goals into smaller sub goals, etc.

  • Write a reflective piece addressing how things are going in terms of reaching your goals.   Also feel free to celebrate in writing any significant accomplishments for the semester.

  • Submit your reflective piece with your Success Strategies Grade Sheet.


Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.