Test & Turn in Homework Analysis

(15 Success Strategy Points possible per submission)



  • This work must be turned in to me within a week from when the test or assignment was returned to the class.
  • Last submission possible is for the last test or homework given in November for Fall semester or April for Spring semester.


Write or type a thorough analysis of what went right or wrong with the test or assignment.

    • Simply re-doing the problem is NOT sufficient, particularly since I often have given you an answer key. 
    • Analyzing your study time or patterns, or your work on the assignment might be a good focus, or include an analysis of work habits that are either helping or hindering your progress. If you did a good job on the assignment, but just want to emphasize what steps led to your success, this is also appropriate.

    • Referencing problems from the book or your notes that cover some or all of the ideas that you had difficulty with is highly recommended in order to help you make the connection between what we do in class, what you do for homework, and the material covered on the turn ins or tests.

    • For each problem where you lost a significant number of points, you must clearly explain in words  what mistake you made, and how to process it correctly.  This is where you really must use and understand the language of the course. 

    • If it helps for you to also re-do the problem, clearly annotating the areas you need to be careful with, you can attach that to the test or homework assignment.  I need to see clear evidence that you understand what went wrong, and how to adjust your thinking so you don't make the same type of mistake on future work.

Submit the original graded piece along with your write up and Success Strategies Grade Sheet to me.


Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.