Organized Collection of Reflection on Semester

(Up to 20 Success Strategy Points possible)


  • I will be looking at organized collections on specified dates during the final assessment days which occur the last week of the semester.  
  • You are responsible for letting me know that you are going to submit an organized collection by the last day of class in November for Fall Semester, or April for Spring semester.   I will only look at your collection if you have let me know by the deadline.


  • (5 points) You must have all materials that I have handed out to you during the semester, as well as all graded turn in homework and tests, and your materials must be clearly organized in a fashion that you can justify makes sense. You have great latitude in how you set up your system, but showing me a mass of crumbled papers at the end of the semester will not earn you maximum points!
  • (15 points) You must prepare a reflective paper (at least one page typed) that shows that you have looked through your materials, and thought about your learning. Your reflective piece must be submitted with your materials and your Success Strategies Grade Sheet.
    • You can point out highlights, low points, things you are particularly proud of, things you realize in retrospect, things you will work on for the next part of your learning journey, etc. 
    • The point here is to really use the materials as a way to think about the semester as a whole, and to celebrate the things that were done well, as well as plan how to improve in any weak areas. 
    • In this way, you are using your collected materials as a "course portfolio".


Material created by J. Halsey - Updated Fall 2017 - This material should not be used without permission of  J. Halsey.