Circuit of Culture

Lessig handout #1 

Mon/Wed section -- 4/11
Tues/Thurs section -- 4/10




Group 1 -- Spotify

Mon/Wed section -- 4/16
Tues/Thurs section -- 4/12

****"The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson

 "How a Hit Happens Now" by Craig Marks

****"Defining and Demanding an Artist's Fair Shake in the Internet Age" by Ben Sisario


"If Soundcloud Disappears, What Happens to Its Music Culture" by Jenna Worthham

"Spotify Wants Listeners to Break Down Music Barriers" by Farhead Manjoo

More Optional:



Group 2 -- 

Mon/Wed section -- 4/18
Tues/Thurs section -- 4/17

Read the following articles.

"What was, is, and will be Popular" by Adam Sternbergh (only Sternbergh's section. Stop at Jessica Gross' article unless you want to read on . . .)

****"Inconspicuous Consumption" by Jeffrey Rosen

"Activists Use Social Media to Prod Advertisers"

****"Multiscreen Mad Men"



Group 3 

Mon/Wed section -- 4/23
Tues/Thurs section -- 4/19

Handout: from The People's Platform

"Tech's Frightful Five will Dominate Tech for the Forseeable Future" by Farhead Manjoo

***** "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" by Nicholas Carr

optional/possible topic: "While We Weren't Looking, Snapchat Revolutionized Social Networks" by Farhad Manjoo

optional book review: "The Madness of Crowds" by John Tierney


Group 4 

Mon/Wed section -- 4/25
Tues/Thurs section -- 4/24

Lessig handout #2

****Two Relationships to the Public Domain by Negativland (part 1 -- first nine sections + intro)
pages 239-250

Read at least the first article by Lazar. Consider Itzkoff's article as well if TV remixes are of interest.

Girl Talk

Skim: "In a Twist on the Remix, Fans Recut Series" by Dave Itzkoff

Optional Star Wars case study:

Optional (honors): "The Death of the Cyberflaneur" by Evgeny Morozov

Mash Ups

Lessig blog post about Kutiman 
Kutiman has created a youtube mix of youtube clips: Thru-You 
Maybe a better link -- all seven songs by Kutiman 
More on the Huffington Post

Video Remixes


Group 5 

Mon/Wed section -- 4/30
Tues/Thurs section -- 5/1

Required: Lessig handout #3 regarding Harry Potter Wars

"Forget Ratings, "Orhan Black' Had the #CloneClub" by John Koblin

Skim: "Disney Ditching Netflix, Grabs a New key to the Kingdom"

All the rest are optional:

New: "When Fan Fiction and Reality Collide" by Amanda Hess

New: "'Galactic Hot Dogs' Hopes Readers on Funbrain will Buy at Bookstores"

"Twine, the Video Game Technology for All" by Laura Hudson

"Turning Microcelebrity Into a Big Business" by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

"The Woman with a Billion Clicks" by Amy O'Leary

"YouTube Takes on TV" by Mike Hale

"The Data Driven Life" by Gary Wolf

Skim or read if writing about YouTube: "When Funny Goes Viral" by Rob Walker





Older articles:

The Music Man by Lynn Hirschberg (pages bottom 5 to 6

"Spotify is the Coolest Music Service You Can't Use" by Neal Pollack




Group 6 optional for honors section

"The ecstasy of influence: A plagiarism" by Jonathan Lethem


"How to Make a TV Drama in Age of Twitter" by Lorne Manly

"Why You Would Ever Give Money Through Kickstarter" by Rob Trump

Cultural Studies; Twitter's Secret Handshake" by Ashley Parker


"The Data Driven Life" by Gary Wolf

"Image Rights vs. Free Speech in a Video Game Suit" by Katie Thomas 

"You Tube Wants You to Sit and Stay Awhile"by Randall Stross

"Three Men and a Video Camera Out to Reveal Urban Truths" by David Gonzales

"A World of Megabeats and Megabytes" by Jon Pareles 

"You at Home, Put a Viral Spin on It" by Julie Bloom

"Antisocial Networking?" by Hilary Stoudt

"When History is Compiled 140 Characters at a Time" by Randall Stross

"If You Liked This, You're Sure to Love That" by Clive Thompson

Adbusters -- ads

"On the Internet, It's All About 'My'" by David Browne

"Tension Over Sports Blogging" by Tim Arango


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