English 101

Essay #1
Who Killed the Electric Car links:

"Win, Win . . ." by Thomas Friedman
Who Killed the Electric Car?
"G.M. Turns 100: Is The Future Electric"
Thomas Friedman
General Motors
"The New CAFE Standards"

Three new articles (2016):

***"Despite Push for Cleaner Cars, Sheer Numbers Could Offset the Climate Benefits" by David Jolly

"An Oil War of Attrition" by Stanley Reed

"Climate Pact Put to Test by Drop in Oil" 

Essay #2

Hoop Dreams

Five Years Later

Ten Years Later

Fifteen Years Later

**new "A Reformed 'Sneaker Pimp' Takes on the N.C.A.A." by Joe Nocera and Ben Strauss

Essay #3

Queen of Versailles links

"House of Cards" by Joe Nocera

 "Let Them Eat Crow" by A.O. Scott

Conversation: Lauren Greenfield, Director of 'The Queen of Versailles'
(Watch the second video/interview)

Documentaries  for Research Projects:

Morgan Spurlock's Fifty Documentaries to See Before You Die

IMBd's Fifty Greatest Documentaries

Time Out Magazine's 50 Best Documentaries of All Time

ESPN's 30 for 30 (Netflix provides an annotated list)


from essay 1:



Which site is more reliable?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells
"Social Media Affects Human Interaction"
Zap Electric Cars





Final links: updated

Video: Secrets of the Lost Canyon

Secrets of the Lost Canyon

in HD: Secrets of the Lost Canyon

 More info here





Old Topics:

"The End of Men" by Hanna Rosin

**"Why are the Harvard Graduates in the Mailroom?" by Adam Davidson

"Can the Middle Class be Saved" by Don Peck

**"The Odyssey Years" by David Brooks

"Dominating the Man Cave" by Bruce Feilor



Gone Tomorrow links:

Gone Tomorrow links
Marist Dumpster Dive

The Story of Stuff
"High-Tech Trash" by Chris Carr