Web Administration for the Cloud: Microcredential

Get familiar with the Cloud and learn how to design, code and host dynamic website

This credit-bearing microcredential provides you with the courses to become proficient in the skills required to design, code, and host dynamic web sites. You will learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML and server-side code including database integration. In addition, you will become familiar with cloud infrastructures and hosting the web server on the cloud.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Develop client and server-side internet programs

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and associated terminology for the internet infrastructure

  • Develop the necessary skills to conduct business on the internet

  • Deploy and manage a cloud-based web server

Total credits: 12
Total courses: 4 (3-credit courses)
Length: 1 semester


To learn more about this microcredential contact the ACT Center at (845) 431-8600 or click here to receive additional information.

Stack this microcredential into:

Web Administration Certificate by completing 19 additional credits: CIS 112, CIS 124, CIS 126, CIS 140 or CIS 150, CIS 265 and ENG 101. Can be mapped to Winter 2021 (3 credits) and Spring 2022 (16 credits) for completion. 


Computer Information Systems A.A.S Degree by completing an additional 31 credits after the certificate.