Public Safety: Microcredential

Enter the modern private security field and learn how to protect people and property

This credential is designed to provide you with the skills and certifications needed to obtain employment in entry-level public safety positions. Upon completion, you will understand and apply basic concepts of public and private security administration as well as gain the ability to assess threats to persons and property, including first aid emergencies. Students enrolled in the program will be eligible to take the New York State Security Guard License Examination and the American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Examinations to complete official certification requirements.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate application of principles, methods and techniques of modern private security operations

  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare a security risk assessment of various sites

  • Identify steps to follow in emergency care

  • Identify the signs and first care for various injuries

Total credits: 6
Total courses: 2 (3 credit courses)
Length: 1 semester


To learn more about this microcredential contact the ACT Center at (845) 431-8600 or click here to receive additional information.

Stack this microcredential into:

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Industry Certification Eligibility:

Become eligible to take:

  • New York State Security Guard Licensure

  • American Red Cross First AID/CPR Certifications