Continuing Education Classes

DCC's Office of Community Services offers classes in a variety of career and personal enrichment areas. We can help you enhance your skills or get started in areas including: emergency responder, real estate, insurance, computer software, security, notary public, and the health professions.

DCC also offers professional development courses, music education for all ages, driver education, ESL and High School Equivalency (formerly known as GED).

You may see Course Descriptions by clicking here. It will take you to a page that asks you to indicate the term of study. Once there:

•    Click on the down arrow. Select your desired term of study and choose Community Services.

•    Then go to "Subject" to find your area of interest. Use the down arrow to select your subject.

•    Click on the course title to find the course tuition and seat availability.

For additional information about the course, click on "View Catalog" on the Course Description page, which will take you to the catalog description of the course.

Continuing Ed Fall 2018 Cover

Download the Fall 2018 Continuing Education
brochure here.

Continuing Ed Spring 2019 Cover

Download the Spring 2019 Continuing Education
brochure here