Academy of Music Students

"The DCC Academy of Music truly is an amazing experience for both student and parent. Not only is both the location and price convenient, the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. All the teachers I've encountered are talented musicians and are knowledgeable in their craft. When I first started at DCC Academy of Music, I was only interested in learning how to play piano, but after being with the Academy of Music for 10 years they have broadened my horizons. I now take guitar and voice, along with learning different performing techniques. I love coming to the Academy of Music each week!"  - Imani M.

"I have been a part of the DCC music program for over 10 years. During that time I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the instructors and other students. I have learned much about group playing and my individual strengths and weaknesses. Although I have shifted my musical emphasis, the same quality of instruction -and fun--continues. I highly recommend the program to newcomers of all ages!" -Milton P.

"Can’t say enough about how valuable the music school has been to me.  The jazz ensemble provided just what I was looking for to grow as a musician, developing ensemble playing skills. The atmosphere is positive and supportive while also serious about developing musicianship. The faculty is truly excellent!  Every class I have taken has been well developed and solid in pedagogy." -Kathy D.

"My son is absolutely having the best experience with the program and he is excited about Community Chorus too. He will be signing up for early admission at DCC and got the endorsement and necessary paperwork from his guidance counselor at school. Want to thank the Academy of Music office staff for always responding so quickly and being so attentive."  -Patricia P.

"The Community Jazz Ensemble, led by Dennis Yerry, includes players of varying experience and skill levels, but many are accomplished players.  The atmosphere is welcoming and non-judgmental. Dennis, an excellent professional multi-instrumentalist, brings players along in a gentle yet informative and educational manner. Starting from fairly simple works that even beginning improvisers can play on, Dennis exposes ensemble members to the wide canon of jazz. Anyone who has already achieved a basic ability to play any instrument, given the right motivation and willingness to practice, can learn to play jazz with Dennis’s tutelage and enjoy not only ‘listening’ to jazz but being an active participant in what is, in effect, a ‘live’ jazz event every week."  -“Doxy”

"I joined the Guitar groups about 3 years ago, to try and get over my performance jitters. It has helped wonders, the people are great, and instructor Dan Stevens is awesome. I would recommend this group to anyone; we have fun learning and playing together and helping each other out as we go along. Laura has been wonderful and gracious with all the recitals and performances."  -Joe H.

"Thanks to the generosity of donors to DCC's MusicLink scholarship, I have had the great privilege of receiving high-quality violin lessons from accomplished instructors since the summer of 2012. Now that I am graduating from high school, I can reflect on the accomplishments I have made. Throughout my years at the DCC Academy of Music, I have made great strides in my playing: in my technique, my tone quality, my musicality, and my understanding of the music I play. This only could have happened with the help of the scholarship I received and the support of the DCC Academy of Music faculty."  -Madeleine T.