Individual Lessons for Adults and Children

We offer individual lessons on all instruments and voices. Students may register for multiple packages. Call the office for information or to register at (845) 431-8916.

Individual Lessons for Adults and Children

Fall 2022 Individual Music Lesson Package Prices

Sept. 5 - Dec. 17 # of Lessons 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes

Trial Package 4 $125 $188 $250
Full Semester 14 $420 (saves $18) $630 (saves $28) $840 (saves $35)

Suzuki Program

All students who are in the Suzuki Program will work with the Suzuki certified teachers. Each students will be registered for one lessons and one chamber group per week. There are total of 14 weeks per semester. Students will take a lesson during the week and a chamber class on Saturdays. There will be a final concert on December 17.

Violin: Heeja Questad
Cello: Jeanne Fox
Piano: Beverly Poyerd
Guitar: Travis Wood

Sept. 5 - Dec. 17 # of Lessons and Chamber Price

Full Semester 14 Lessons (30 minutes) + 14 Chamber Music (1 hr) $700 (saves $56)

Note to students: Please register at least fourteen days prior to your desired lesson start date in order to guarantee yourself a spot.

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Instruments and Materials

There are some instruments at AOM that could be used as a rental. Please inquire if needed. •
String instrument sizes fit the student, who should be measured by the teacher or the strings retailer.

  • For string instrument rentals, contact Amadeus Strings at (845) 486-7617, Stamell Strings at (845) 337-3030 or Joseph Regh Violins at (845) 297-2521.

  • Purchase of some low-cost music textbooks may be needed, depending on the instructor and the class.